HOW will funds be Awarded?

First the student has to already be enrolled in a college. The funds will be added to the students account in the following Fall Semester.

CAn i apply for the award each SEMESTER?

Yes. But the students progress will be reviewed after each semester and he/she must maintain a 2.0 or a 70% completion rate

Do i have to to apply for the fafsa funds?

No. But if multiple candidates have comparable GPA's preference will be given to those who have completed the FAFSA form and those who have a greater financial need.

Can my ROLE model be any one i choose?

Yes, it can. But we must know why you choose them, and how they help you to continue your education on to college.

My sponsor/teacher/counselor/employer

Can that person be the same as my role model? Yes they can,  but please remember, they are going to have to be the one to wright the  Letter on why you are deserving of a E & S Foundation  Scholarship.