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Meet the Executive Director, Sophia Gibson Williams. The Foundation was started in 2016, because of the need for high school students in the TARRANT County Area. They were not getting the proper information to help these kids get prepared for college. 

We have a pretty good idea what it would take for kids to go to college, seeing that our children did go to colleg.“It is not much for a student to have funds” then to have the knowledge of what needs to happen in preparing for college. We know that the majority of students in these school districts are not getting that. 

E & S Foundation is a Foundation for all high school students to achieve their dreams of going to college. With emphasis on the student who has little or no means of support, but have a greater will to continue to push forward.  

Our scholarships are awarded yearly to the college of which they were accepted to.

We want to be the go to organization to help them become the well rounded student we know they can be.

Dressing for Success 

Financial Training

Being College Ready 

are some of the examples of our services we provide.